Who Can Install a Remote Car Starter

A lot of vehicles today are equipped with remote car starters because of the convenience and security they provide with their host of features. Even the aftermarket products have gained popularity, making installation of a remote car starter a common query. However, some people are still not convinced that they need this kind of technology in their vehicles. Their major concerns are who can install a remote car starter for them, and how much will that setup be? That’s why this article will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding remote car starter systems.

If the manufacturer of your car did not include a remote car starter system, then, why should you? This technology provides comfort and convenience with its main or standard function that a car without it cannot give. Because you can remotely start your engine within the allowed range, you are able to save time and energy. Imagine the time and effort you will save when you do not have to go out during winter or during a hot summer day to manually start the engine so the car will warm up or cool down. Or think about the work that you can do inside your home while waiting for your car to warm up. Once you go out of your house and into the car, you are all ready to drive—in comfort.

Aside from this, a remote car starter is also beneficial to your vehicle’s engine. This will help prolong the lifespan of your car because it allows proper and better lubrication so your vehicle can perform at its best.

Who can install a remote car starter?

Many remote car starters today said that their kit is complete with everything that you need to successfully install the module on your car; this means that you can do it by yourself. However, if it is your first time doing it, it would be best to let a professional install it and finish the job for you. Maybe you are an electronics enthusiast or your cousin’s friend has been installing his own remote car starter system for years. The thing is that a professional installation can save you from the stress of trying to figure out the connections and programming that needs to be done. The installation is complicated no matter how user friendly they are according to the manufacturer. If you make one mistake, it could mean a hundred dollars’ worth of damage, which may not be covered by the vehicle’s warranty.

Now if you are willing to take the risk, go ahead. Watch tutorials online and make sure to master the steps before actually doing it. But if not, avoid costly mistakes and let a trained professional install the whole thing for you.

If I install a remote car starter system, will it void my car’s warranty?

The simple answer is no. A lot of people are more concerned about this question than the price of installation, but this is actually just a misunderstanding. There is a law that allows car owners to install remote car starters in their cars at their own risk. So how do you make sure that it won’t affect the warranty of your car? Choose a model from reputable brands and again, hire a professional to install it for you.

How much does installation cost?

The installation price varies or depends on the type of the system as well as the car. They can range between $200 to $500. Higher-end or luxury vehicles are more expensive which can run as high as $900.

How can I save money when installing a remote car starter?

There are different brands and types of remote car starter systems on the market, which means that their prices are also different. The best way to save money is first to choose the right system that has all the features you find important. If you are good with something simple and basic, then you do not have to be scared over the price of your new remote car starter. But if you want something that includes more programmable features and alarms for added protection, then look at the more expensive brands because they are likely more reliable and worth buying. In the long run, those with more features can be more cost-effective to you.