What is a two way remote car starter

Remote car starter systems are every car’s must-have, especially if you want to make your everyday ride more convenient. This technology was developed to allow a driver to remotely start their engine from a distance like from their home. But that is only its standard function. Almost all remote car starter systems today allow keyless entry as well as trunk release. Some can even be programmed with a host of other feature for added security and convenience.

When you are buying a new remote car starter system, you will be confronted by its two types: one-way and two-way. A lot of buyers already have an idea how a one-way remote works since they have been on the market for decades. However, many are still asking what a two way remote car starter is and how it is different from the first type. To help you decide which of the types will work best for your car, you are going to learn more about them as well as their differences in mechanism and in function.

What is a two-way remote car starter?

A one-way remote car starter system is cheaper than the other kind because of its simple and straightforward mechanism. It uses one-way paging or communication sent via the remote control to the receiver or module installed in the car. In other words, the transmitter does all the sending of signals and commands within the allowed distance. Usually, the remote has 4 buttons for ignition, keyless entry (lock and unlock), and trunk release. When you push one of them, the module receives the command and perform it.

In an effective communication, there should be a sender, receiver, and feedback from the receiver. In a two-way remote car starter system, the remote sends the command to the module or receiver in the vehicle which will then send a signal back to the remote. How? The transceiver will either make an audible sound, vibrate, or flash on the LCD screen that the command has been accomplished. Some people do not appreciate this mechanism or two-way paging but for some, this is a great benefit. Imagine leaving your car in the heat of the sun. Going back to sit on hot seats will be a dilemma, right? So, what you want to do is make sure that the engine has already started and the temperature inside is already cooling down before you are ready to get into the vehicle.

All you have to do is to press the right button on your remote and wait for the confirmation that the command has been performed before you go out. Of course, you should operate within the allowed range. Now aside from the instant response you receive when you start your engine, the two-way system also offers other functions like keyless entry, trunk release, valet mode, timer mode, among many others. The only problem with this type is that it is more expensive. Perhaps, the added features really do have a price to pay.

Other important features to consider when buying a remote car system

The two-way paging feature of your remote car system does provide more convenience, but it does not always guarantee better safety or protection. That feature is actually secondary to the following safety features to consider.

Transmitter range

The range is an important factor, especially when your car is parked in the mall’s parking lot during winter. Of course, you would not want to go outside while it is snowing to start your engine and have to wait for the car to warm up. What you want is to start it while you are inside the building and not feeling cold. The same is true during a hot summer day. So, you should choose a model with no less than a 500-foot range.

Single-door or multi-door keyless entry

Do you only want to lock and unlock the driver’s door or do you want to control all the doors of your vehicle? Though the multi-door feature sounds more convenient, the single door feature is arguably safer.

Car alarms

Car alarms often have transmitters included to notify the owner when someone tries to forcibly enter the vehicle. But not all remote car starters have alarms. If you want your car to be safer, choose a model that comes with a car alarm which is more common in two-way systems. Aside from that, make sure that the remote also has a panic button.

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