Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System Review

Whether it’s during winter or summer, the first few minutes in your car may feel uncomfortable. If it’s wintertime it will be chilly inside, but in the summertime, you may feel like you are inside a volcano. And that isn’t very comfortable.

The only sure way to get over the extreme interior temperature is to ignite the engine. But when you start the engine when you are already inside the vehicle, you will have to feel the chill or heat. Igniting the engine a few minutes before your arrival solves the entire problem.

You can either do that through a remote or smartphone while you are still far off. And how is that possible. The answer lies with Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System.

So what’s a Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System?

The Viper 4105V 1 is a remote starting system for your car. From a faraway location, it gives you the ability to start the car engine. So when you arrive to step inside, the vehicle’s interior temperature is just comfortable.

The package gives you two transmitters. Each has four dedicated buttons for easy operation. Installing this in your vehicle does more than just regulating car interior temperature. It even boosts your motor vehicle’s security.

Do you always forget about locking the doors, or closing car windows? With 4105V you can accomplish that from the comfort of your office. A push of a button from the remote locks or unlocks your vehicle. It even allows you to boost the van’s security by engaging the panic mode.

Even though it features a one-way transmitter, it has wide a communication range and thus reliable. Besides, it’s compatible with many vehicle models.

Sounds interesting? Read below for the complete features and specifications offered by the Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System.

We have also reviewed another version from the same manufacturer – the Viper 5706 2 way remote starter.



  • A remote one-way car starter system featuring Viper 4105V technique
  • Two transmitters with four dedicated buttons for different functions
  • Long communication range of 1500 feet
  • The panic mode which is compatible with the horn circuit for extra security
  • Two auxiliary channels for opening car trunk or window
  • Can lock or unlock your vehicle’s system
  • Combines with Viper Smart Module; thus starting your car from a Smartphone
  • Clone-Safe Code-Hopping provision
  • Complete with battery


Ignite the car engine from a remote location

Now, this forms the major benefit of the Viper 4105V remote start system. The ability to ignite the engine from a remote location exempts you from the unpleasant temperature. Once the engine starts to run, the air conditioner self-regulates the internal temperature.

Therefore, you can walk into an accommodative environment. Viper 4105V’s remote starting function works well with diesel, fuel-injected, and automatic transmission engines.

Extended range

The key benefit of the remote start system is transmitting an operation command from a distance. And that’s what this Viper 4105V excels in. It features an extended range of 1500 feet. Besides, the one-way transmitter sends strong signals that aren’t easily blocked by concrete walls. So you don’t need to press a button repeatedly to execute a command. From your office desktop, the transmitter operates your vehicle in the parking yard or garage.

Smartphone operation compatible

Are you tired of carrying many car accessories? With Viper 4105V, you don’t have to carry the remote always. The unit combines with any Viper Smart Start module. And do you know what that gives? You can then start your motor vehicle using your Smartphone, from any location.

Keyless entry

How many times have you fumbled to find your car key? Viper 4105V gives you keyless entry to the motor vehicle. And when you think that you have accidentally left your car door open. You don’t have to walk back; simply press a button and it’s done.

And talking of keyless entry, the unit gives you two auxiliary outputs. You can use those outputs to wire your car so that you can open the trunk or lower the car window through the remote.

Panic mode boost the cars security

Who wouldn’t wish to be up to date with his car security status? This security system provides a panic mode. Therefore when you install the Viper 4105V and combine it with the horn circuit, it widens its features. In case of a forceful entry attempt or any security threat to your vehicle, an alarm sounds to create an alert.

Clone safe code hopping

Well, hackers are very smart. However, Viper outsmarts them in this unit. Every time you press the remote button it transmits new key codes. So you see someone can’t just clone your codes and use them to operate the remote car starting system.

Easy to locate your car

When you are in a car park with a fleet of cars, locating your car can be time-consuming. But by incorporating the Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System, you simplify the process. By pressing the remote, your car responds. Its lights will slowly flash five times. At the same time, the transmitter also sends out a beeping sound.

Back up transmitter

The package gives you two identical transmitters. Therefore you can have one with you always and keep the second one in a safe location as a backup. So in case you lose one, your keyless operation still works.

Simple to operate

One of the most amazing features of this Viper remote car start system is that it’s very simple to operate. The buttons are clearly labeled and large enough for the fingers. Moreover, each button is accompanied by a picture to suggest its use. So you just can’t mistake one key for the other.


Even though this Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System provides a wider range of features compared to Bulldog RS82, it has a few challenges. The major complaint raised by previous buyers is the non-exhaustive installation manual.

For an experienced person who has installed many remote car starting systems, this should not cause any challenge. However, if you aren’t sure of the installation process, then let a pro handle it.


Overall, Viper 4105V provides more than ordinary car starter systems offers. Besides starting the car engine to warm or cool its interior, it boosts the security of your car in many ways. Although it provides some challenges for first-time installers, its result is impressive.

However, if you need the super-easy remote car starter, then read the reviews of the best remote starters.