Start-X Remote Starter Review 

Have you always wished of starting your car from a remote location? You don’t have to dream of it anymore; you can have it. Start-X Remote Starter fulfills your dream. It gives you a simple-to-install remote car starter for Ford F-150.

You can say bye to walking into an oven-like or ice freezing car. And do you know the best part of it? You don’t need any extra key fob. The Start-X Remote Starter module blends with your car remote key.

Remember those annoying minutes when you have to wait for the windshield to defog? They are no more again. By pressing on the remote key three times, your truck engine ignites. That means, your AC/heat system also awakes.

Have you ever been stranded for a few minutes on how to identify your car in a parking lot? This device helps you to identify your truck among a fleet of others. By pressing the key, it responds with flashing lights.

But is it compatible with Ford F-150 only?

Actually no, the Start –X is compatible with many Ford models. That includes F-150 15-19, F-250 17-19, F-350 17-19, F-450 17-19 Ranger 2019, Expedition 18-19, Edge 15-19, Fusion 14-19. So as you can see it integrates with many models except it is incompatible with hybrid engines.

Besides, it doesn’t just remotely start your engine. When you opt for the cellphone module, it gives you an app with many features. That extends your range to anywhere your cellular network can reach.

To know more about the Start-X Remote Starter here is a brief overview of its top features;


  • Remote car start/stop featuring the Start-X technology
  • Complete installation accessories and parts including wiring T-harness
  • Simple installation procedure; literally plug and play design
  • Ability to warm or cool your car’s interior as per the surrounding dictates
  • Keyless entry
  • Security alarm interface
  • Compatible with all the 2015-2019 Ford F-150 Truck plus the OEM Hood pin
  • Has user installation guide including a video

Choosing to install this Ford remote starter could be a nice upgrade for your car. Specifically, it gives you the following benefits.


Remote Turning on and Off Your Truck

This forms the primary gain for the Start-X Remote Starter. When it’s cold, you can remotely start the car engine while getting ready. The turning on of the engine also activates the air conditioner.

That optimizes the vehicles inside temperature. On the other hand, when it is warm you can even open the car windows slightly. Whichever way it sets the car’s interior to a comfortable temperature waiting for you.

And who wouldn’t like that? No more waiting for minutes to defrost the windshield.

Complete Installation Accessories

When you order for the package, it provides you with all the parts and accessories you need to go through with the installation. In other words, you won’t have to incur additional purchases. For instance, it gives you the wiring T-harness and Zip ties.

Simple Plug and Play Installation

One of the major features that most car owners fear with remote car starters is the complex installation process. Start-X understands your fears and delivers a plug and play installation. Literally, it’s just plugging in the two ends of the T-harness.

Most previous users have admired the straightforward process. It helps to cut down installation costs. It doesn’t even require you to splice any wire.

Keyless Entry

Doesn’t a keyless entry look cool? Walk to the car press a button that unlocks the power doors? No struggling with the door. In fact, even your friends will admire it and probably be envious!

App Compatible

With the technological advancement in the use of a Smartphone, Start-X Remote Starter is not left behind either. At an additional cost, you can upgrade to the cellphone module. The App allows you to remotely start your car from anywhere. Therefore you won’t have to worry about range issues.

Simple to Use

The fact that you won’t need any additional key fob makes it very simple to use. Instead, you rely on the factory key you are used to.

At the press of the lock button three times, the car engine switches on. To turn it off, you again press the same button three times. Straightforward isn’t it?

Easy to Locate Your Car

An upgrade to the cellphone module allows you to tell the GPS location of your vehicle at any given moment. At the same time, it also allows you to check on a few details. For example, you can confirm whether you had locked the doors or windows.

Compatible with Many Ford Vehicles

Even if you don’t own the Ford-150 2015 model, you can still enjoy it. That’s because of this plug and play security device blends seamlessly with all 2015-2019 Ford F-150 Truck. Besides its also blends with F-250 17-19, F-350 17-19, F-450 17-19 Ranger 2019, Expedition 18-19, Edge 15-19, Explorer 16-19, Fusion 14-19.

Automatic AC/Heat Climate Control

To make it easier and more convenient to control the temperature level of your truck’s interior, this device features automatic AC/Heat control. Hence, once you have switched on the engine, the air conditioner will automatically pick up to the previous set in the vehicle. Therefore, when you turn the climate control to heat, it will automatically warm the car’s interior to the level you wanted.

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Despite the simplicity and effectiveness of this Start-X Remote Starter, it has one major flaw. That is you cannot remote control the AC/Heat system. Instead, once the engine ignites, the air condition picks up from the previous preset level.

However to most users that isn’t a big deal since you can easily set the preferred AC/Heat level before switching off the engine. Thus when the engine ignites next time, it will simply revert to the pre-set condition.


Considering the reviews and comments of past users, the Start-X Remote Starter satisfies most users’ demands. Furthermore, the upgrade to the cellular module opens even greater features. So if you require a simple to install and effective Ford remote starter, this model fits the bill.