Python 4103P Remote Start System Review

If you are looking for a simple, yet powerful remote car starter, check out the Python 4103P Remote Start System. The package comes complete with two remotes that have 4 buttons for different functions. Though they are only 1-way transmitters, their responsiveness is exceptional, making them a better choice than other brands on the market. So, what does this system offers? First, you can remotely start your engine within the range as well as at a set time. Aside from that, you can also benefit from using the keyless entry by remotely locking or unlocking your car doors. Of course, you can also open your trunk using the control. All these and more are possible thanks to the Superhet (HX+) receiver that even extends the range.

Now aside from those things, the system got more functionalities to offer. One of them is the panic mode that protects your car from thieves. Other features includes valet take over, car finder, anti-grind circuitry, and a disabling starter kill. Furthermore, you can also configure the system using Bitwriter. All these amazing features can be enjoyed once you successfully install the system in your vehicle. Don’t worry; every important thing that you need for the setup is already included in the package.


  • A remote car starter with one-way system with HX Plus Technology Antenna for extended range
  • Includes two transmitters with 4 buttons
  • Allows keyless entry: locking and unlocking of your car doors within the allowed distance
  • Allows remote trunk release by pressing the AUX button
  • Allows remote engine start by pressing the (*) button
  • Includes a hood pin
  • Features the new D2D serial data interface that is compatible with Xpress kits
  • Other features: starter kill, anti-grind circuitry, car finder, valet-take over, panic mode, and timer mode
  • Bitwriter programmable
  • Includes a 1-year limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer


The Python 4103P Remote Start System features a simple yet powerful system that provides added security and safety to your vehicle. Though it’s not as advanced as other brands, the performance it offers is exceptionally good. It has a host of functions that you will find beneficial whether you are outside or at home. All this for a price that is more affordable than the leading brands. This just proves that you do not have to spend too much money to make yourself and your car safer when you drive.

This remote car start system gives you two identical 1-way transmitters. One you can use every day and the other for backup. The amazing thing about these transmitters is that they can be linked to another system running in another car. So, if you have two vehicles, the remotes will be of great use. Aside from this, the HX Plus antenna also extends the range so you can remotely start your engine inside your home or in the building.

Apart from remotely starting your engine, the system also allows keyless entry. You can lock and unlock the doors of the vehicle, as well as release the trunk by pressing the right buttons. Furthermore, you could also use the remote to find your car by having the car flash the parking lights. Or you can preset the system to automatically start the engine every 3 hours using the timer mode. This is especially beneficial during winter to avoid freezing of fluids.

Meanwhile, if you are inside your car, and some emergency happened, you can turn the panic mode on. The alarm will go off as well as the flashing lights for around 30 seconds or until you confirm arm. In some instances, like you need to go out for a while but would like to keep the engine running, you can use the valet mode.


Though there are many good things about the remote start system, it is just as good as some entry-level brands. One of the most common complaints is that the range that it can be operational is not consistent, which is probably affected by the battery. According to some buyers, you always have to be ready to replace the battery because the remote consumes a lot of power. Lastly, this remote system is only 1-way which means you won’t get any notifications or alerts about the status of your car.


Overall, the Python 4103P Remote Start System is still a good brand. It is backed by a limited-lifetime warranty, which assures the consumer that they will get the most of their purchase.

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