New Prestige APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start-Review

With increasing popularity over the years due to their extreme handiness and convenience, remote control starter systems have dominated the electronic market, particularly in the United States. These handheld remote start devices allow you to start your vehicle even without entering the car yourself.

You will have a multitude of functions with these systems which saves you from the hassle of performing them yourselves. Perhaps you are getting ready for work in the morning and you want to turn on the AC in your car to cool the car interior because of the hot weather outside, or you want to warm it up for a cozy ride on a cold, foggy morning. With just the press of a button, you can initiate these simple commands with relative ease.

If you want one of these remote systems installed in your vehicle, make sure to check out the New Prestige APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start. This remote start system features a two-way keyless entry LCD command transmitter, a one-way remote transmitter, and different starting mode options.

Features of the New Prestige APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start

  • Two-way keyless entry 5-button LCD transmitter
  • One-way remote controller
  • With starter kill switch
  • Different start mode options
  • With multi-tone siren
  • Programmable for at most 2 vehicles
  • With parking meter countdown mode
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and velvet switch
  • Active and passive door lock systems


VOXX electronics is the company that offers the Prestige APS997E remote start system. This company has been in the industry for decades and they produce quality electronics such as vehicle security and remote start and navigation systems.

This remote start system comes with two different remote controllers. The presence of the two-way LCD command confirming transmitter allows you to monitor what the one-way remote did to your car when you pushed a command button. This gives you the assurance that you have locked or started your car with just the click of a button even with your vehicle out of sight.

Probably the best feature of this remote start system is that it has multiple programmable options for your convenience. You can queue in at most five different timers simultaneously depending on your needs. It has a built-in in two- or four-hour automatic alarm mode and a parking meter countdown mode where you can program according to the time left on your parking meter.

It also comes with multiple start mode features. You can opt for a cold temperature start mode, a 24-hour timer start, or the aforementioned 2- or 4-hour start mode. These features let you set when you want your car to start, saving you time and from the hassle of manually doing it yourself.

The glass mount antenna which has a built-in LED light and velvet switch transmits and receives the signal from your remote controller to your car. With this equipped, the APS997E boasts a range of as far as 2,500 ft.

This remote start system has an intrusion alert feature in which it automatically locks the doors of your vehicle if it detects any forceful way of opening the vehicle. It also has a remote panic mode function where the car horn outputs an alarm or the car flashes its parking lights as an added security measure. If in case your vehicle has been forcefully entered by a thief, the starter kill switch will prevent the ignition slot from turning, thus preventing your car from starting or being hot-wired.

Finally, this start system is compatible with many different vehicle models which make it a go-to product for a lot of people. In addition, it is also programmable for at most two vehicles where some remote start systems can only be programmed for one vehicle at a time.


One thing we have found with this remote start system is that its LCD display is not illuminated. This makes it difficult to see what the remote has done to your car in dimly lit surroundings or underground parking areas.

Another thing we have found, which may not be a technical issue but more of a hassle, is that the key controls cannot be locked. This makes the buttons susceptible to accidental pressing say when they are inside your pockets.

Although it comes with do-it-yourself instructions for installation, you might find it difficult to equip even though you are a bit technically savvy. As a recommendation, we suggest that you let a professional install this remote start system to avoid any setting-up difficulties you might encounter.


A remote-controlled car alarm system must be robust as to give you ease of mind for the safety of your vehicle. With the Prestige APS997E remote start system., you can be sure that your car is secure at all times when you are far away from it. This remote start system also comes with multiple programmable functions which some higher priced vehicle alarms lack.