Is Remote Start Bad for Your Car Engine? Your Question Answered

Is Remote Car Starter Bad For The Engine?

If your remote car starter is installed correctly, a remote start is NOT bad for your Car Engine.

There has been a lot of misconceptions about remote car starters. Let’s clear the air about them in this article.

I have written about how remote car starters work in a previous article. In summary, the remote car starters perform the same functionality as your key or button start. It starts the ignition of the engine. This then turns on the other systems in your car.

The only difference with a remote car starter is that the car is started from a distance. 
Revving up a cold engine is harmful to a car. This can happen when the internal engine is not heated sufficiently. It is also because the lubricants that protect the engine and the internal car parts are not flowing freely as soon as the car starts. As the lubricants would have settled down when a car is turned off, it would need time to reach the right places. Hence, it’s best to avoid revving up a car that has just started.

There are two points that you need to make a note of that can damage your car engine or the remote starter itself:

  1. Repeatedly turning the engine on & off
  2. Bad wiring of your remote car starter

If you turn the engine on & turn it off immediately, then it increases the wear of the engine. This should be avoided. However, you may note that new car manufacturers are implementing stop/start technology to vehicles. The engine stops when it is idle and then starts as soon you remove your foot from the brake.

A badly wired remote car starter will hurt your car battery. It can suck a lot of additional power from the car battery. If you have an after-market remote car starter, you should check how it is wired, if you are facing issues with your car battery.

If you do get your remote car starter installed by a professional, this is something that you will not need to worry about too.