Encore E9 2-Way Remote Start Car Alarm-Review

Installing a car alarm system on your vehicle is a must, especially with so many cases of car theft. If you want to make sure that your system can effectively secure you and your vehicle’s safety, then choose the Encore E9 2-Way Remote Start Car Alarm. Not only will you be able to transmit a certain command to protect your car, you will also receive a confirmation that the action has been done. Unlike 1-way transmitters, the 2-way transmitters make better upgrade the security and convenience of your car. What’s more is that you can see the confirmation on the LCD screen of the remote.

What exactly does this system offer? By installing the system, you can start your engine remotely within the allowed range. This means you do not have to enter the car and manually start it. Aside from this, the system is also programmed for a keyless entry, allowing you to lock and unlock the doors remotely. There is a button for trunk release, too. To fight against car theft, the system features a two-stage shock sensor that sets off the alarm when someone tries to force entry or when your car bumped into something. These and more are what make this brand a great choice.


  • A remote car starter system complete with a car alarm, a 2-way transceiver, and a 1-way mini standard transmitter
  • Includes 5 relays for different functions such as starter, parking lights, ignition, and more
  • Includes another relay, specifically for starter disable
  • Features the Ask Technology for an extended range
  • Longer battery life and a better response rate
  • Remote features a large LCD screen with better viewing of interior car temperature, meter, and battery status
  • Includes audible tones and vibrator for command confirmation
  • Car alarm features are programmable to your desire
  • Hood PIN included
  • Allows easy installation with the system’s compact design
  • Comes complete with one year of manufacturer warranty


Are you thinking of replacing your old car alarm with a better one? Why not try the Encore E9 2-Way Remote Start Car Alarm? This product comes in a package with a 2-way transceiver and a standard transmitter that you can use for a variety of purposes. It is offered at a decent price, which you will find appropriate for all the great features it provides to upgrade the safety of your vehicle. Learn more about its features and benefits as you read on.

The main functions of remote start car system are the remote start, keyless entry, and trunk release. When upgrading your car alarm system, make sure that you choose a model that has added functionalities. One of the things that you should consider is the 2-way remote or what is commonly called a transceiver. Through this remote, not only will you be able to transmit a signal to your car, but you are also notified if the action is done. How? The transceiver features an LCD screen that shows if your car is locked when you press the lock button. Aside from that, the remote will also produce an audible sound or vibrate when paging, or when the alarm goes off.

Aside from this, the LCD screen also shows the status of your car in terms of interior temperature through the onboard sensors. The battery voltage is also shown. With Ask Technology, the range is also extended and the power needed to operate is lessened. In other words, the overall performance will turn out well even if you have programmed a variety of features.

Now, the included car alarm system is also commendable. It has 2 stages of shock sensors; one is for preventing thieves from forcing their entry into the vehicle, and the other one is for informing you when something collided with your car.


The most common complaint about this remote car alarm system is the lack of details in the setup instructions. While you can figure out the installation process on your own, it is better and faster if you have a guide to follow. Aside from this, some also noticed that the transceiver is a bit bulky in the pocket.


Overall, the Encore E9 2-Way Remote Start Car Alarm is an exceptional brand worth considering. It is easy to install, easy to use and has a decent price. It even comes complete with a 60-day money back guarantee and a year of limited warranty. The range is decent as well as the overall performance. Thus, this product is recommended to those who are looking to upgrade their vehicle’s security.