Compustar CS800-S 1-Way Remote Start-Review

When looking for a remote car starter, sometimes the one with the simplest design and function is enough. The Compustar CS800-S 1-Way Remote Start provides convenience just like most remote car starters, but its easy-to-use features are what makes it better than others. The 1-way system allows you to start and let your vehicle’s engine be heating from anywhere within the 1,000-foot range. It is all possible because of the amplitude modulation that sends the signal from the remote to the car. And because it has an automatic start feature, you can start your vehicle remotely as long as the cabin is within the set for cold and hot temperature.

Aside from this, the remote start also allows keyless entry. It will lock and unlock your car at a distance. Another button that will surely benefit you is the trunk release. Once you press it, the trunk will pop open and you can easily lift it. It will not take too much time to do all these; in fact, you only have to press the button for 2.5 seconds. The package comes with two transmitters, both having LED indicators. Both can also be paired with a smartphone via DR-3400 or DroneMobile Ready app.


  • A remote car starter with one-way system powered by AM or amplitude modulation
  • Includes two transmitters with 4 buttons and LED indicators
  • Allows keyless entry: locking and unlocking of your car doors within the allowed distance
  • Allows remote trunk release
  • Operates within a 1,000-foot range and by holding the button for 2.5 seconds
  • Compatible with diesel-engine vehicles
  • Compatible with DroneMobile application for more convenient control and GPS tracking using a smartphone
  • Features cold (-5°C to -20°C) and hot (25°C to 40°C) automatic start
  • Includes a 1-year limited warranty on defects and malfunctions


Whether or not your car is brand new, having a remote starter system is a must. It not only offers convenience, but also added security for yourself and your vehicle. There are so many brands to choose from on the market, but not all of them provide the same service as the Compustar CS800-S. The brand that created this product is award winning, proving that this remote car starter is one of the best options you have. Over the years, they have been trusted by many car owners and even partnered with different car manufacturers. So, in terms of reliability, they are no doubt the brand to choose.

This remote car starter operates with a 1-way system and is powered by amplitude modulation. This means that the remote can only send signals to the vehicle, commanding it to do a specific function. These functions include a remote start within 1,000 feet. Whether you have to start a cold or hot engine, the remote car starter is sure to automatically run it. However, it should be within the set temperature.

Since there are 4 buttons on the remote, you may use it for different functions. For example, you can lock and unlock your car doors from a distance. This feature is really helpful because you do not need to use your car keys to enter. Aside from this, you may also remotely open your trunk. Simply press and hold the right button to pop open your trunk.

One of the best qualities of this product is its versatility; this means that you can install it in almost any type of vehicle. It will work with a diesel-engine vehicle as well as with newer versions of a vehicle provided that you have the separate bypass module. The installation process is easy and you can even pair the system with a smartphone via the DroneMobile Ready app.

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While the remote car starter is easy to use and versatile, its functions are very basic. Some brands offer many more features for added convenience and security. It is only a one-way system and the range is only limited to 1,000 feet. You have to make sure that you are near enough to make use of the remote car starter.


Overall, the Compustar CS800-S 1-Way Remote Start is an amazing remote car starter with a simple, yet powerful system. It comes with 2 transmitters, which makes it more affordable. Aside from that, it is also very easy to install. Since it is created by a well-known brand, car owners can trust that the product is durable. It has a 1-year warranty to prove that.

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