Code Alarm CA6554 Car Remote Start-Review

Most vehicles today come with a separate, factory remote entry system which allows us to lock or unlock doors with just one push of a button. Locking or unlocking the doors using these factory remotes usually make your car honk its horn, which gives us some sense of false security that our vehicle is equipped with a decent alarm system. However, we only find out that it is not secure once our vehicle has been broken into.

With their increasing popularity, remote security and starter systems have flooded the aftermarket in recent years. You can now opt to have a total hands-free experience with your vehicle as well as have your vehicle more secure and armed against any form of burglary.

For starters, you may want to consider the Code Alarm CA6554 Car Remote Start and Security System. Not only does it lock or unlock your vehicle doors for you, but it will also provide you with increased security because of its built-in shock sensors that that will protect your car and your belongings.

Features of the Code Alarm CA6554 Car Remote Start

  • Remote start-up from as far as 2,500 ft.
  • Comes with one LCD 2-way 4-button remote controller
  • Also comes with one 1-way 4-button remote
  • Equipped with dual-stage magnetic shock sensor
  • Installed with progressive car finder feature
  • With 24-hour time start mode
  • With weather-proof distribution board
  • Remote comes with glass mount antennae with red light and valet switch
  • Compatible with Car Connection Pro
  • Highly programmable


Code Alarm is another auxiliary branch of the Voxx International electronics company. This company specializes in aftermarket vehicle electronics and accessories. With this, you can be sure of top-of-the-line quality in their remote car starter systems.

The CA6554 system features two different 4-button remote controls; one is a two-way LCD screen armed 4-button remote, while the other one is just a one-way remote control. The two-way remote allows you to check if your vehicle has obeyed your command by beeping and showing an indicator on the screen. This is a big plus since with one-way controllers, you cannot be sure if your vehicle has acknowledged your command through the remote.

With a range of as far as 2,500 ft., you can initially start your vehicle to warm it up even though it is parked at the far end side of a shopping mall or a business parking lot. Conversely, you can start to cool the interior from afar while you walk across a scorching parking lot in the middle of the summer.

Aside from its wide range, you will not find it hard to locate your car if you forgot where you parked in a crowded parking lot because of the cool car finder feature. With this feature, you can initiate a command that lets you beep the horn of your vehicle for you to find it easier.

The Code Alarm CA6554 Car Remote Start is highly programmable for both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. You can also command the system to start your vehicle automatically every day at the same time with the use of the 24-hour time start mode. In addition to this, you can also issue a command to start your car if the temperature inside goes below a set threshold level. This is useful in instances where your car is parked in an area with extreme cold conditions to prevent your engine juices from freezing.

The system can also be programmed with Car Connection Pro, a tool that lets you monitor and control your vehicle’s conditions with your smartphone. With this tool, you can track the location of your vehicle and your driving route. Also, it can give you a set of reminders such as if your vehicle needs an oil change or a tire rotation.

The 125dB weather-proof siren alerts you from afar and anyone nearby your vehicle if any strange activity is being made on your car. However, if a thief has already entered your vehicle, the dual-stage magnetic shock sensor will detect any tampering done to your car and will automatically shut down your car’s ignition. This feature will prevent any progress that can be done by the thief or delay him for you or the authorities to take the appropriate action.


The only drawback of this system is that it is very difficult to install despite the well-written instructions. Make sure to opt for professional installation if you cannot do it by yourself.


Overall, the Code Alarm CA6554 Car Remote Start is a great starter system package with multiple facets of functionalities. It is a great car security system to have in hand and its other starter features do not lose out against other remote systems in its price range. If you choose to purchase this as your remote starter system, you can be sure that every dollar you have spent on it is worth it.