Bulldog RS82-I Do It Yourself Remote Starter Review

Have you ever felt annoyed by the need to wait for your car to warm up? That’s especially true during the extremely cold months. The actual wait may only be a few seconds. But the reality is that idling to let the time drug by is both boring and annoying.

However, you can evade those annoying minutes. Do you wish to know how?

The solution lies with Bulldog RS82-I Do It Yourself Remote Starter kit. Bulldog, a professional security company, lets you ignite your car engine a few minutes earlier from a remote location.

So What Does the Package Give You?

Bulldog RS82-I package gives the complete accessories that you need to see you through the service. That includes a remote with two dedicated buttons for different functions. Despite being one way it emits strong signals that make it more reliable than most basic models.

Its range of operation is also appreciable. In fact, even a few blocks of concrete walls won’t deter you from starting your car from a remote location. Isn’t that appreciable? Besides it also avails the complete instructional installation video and manual. So during the set-up, if you need to confirm a connection, you simply refer to the installation manual or look it up from the video.

Besides, if you aren’t technically savvy; you can have a professional handle it for you at a small fee and then sit back to enjoy the benefit. And did I tell you that the package provides you with all that you need through the installation?

Do you know what most previous buyers like about this security device? It is highly compatible with many vehicle models!


  • A remote one-way car starter featuring the Bulldog RS82-I technology
  • One transmitter with 2 dedicated buttons for starting and stopping the engine
  • Keyless operation; you can lock and unlock your door within a specified radius
  • Easy to follow Instructional DVD video
  • Color-coded fused installation wires; provides easy identification of the wires
  • Ample battery run time
  • Extendable antenna range
  • Complete with battery to get you started
  • Glowing light on remote to help you know the battery level


Reliable Operation

The Bulldog RS82-I Do It Yourself Remote Starter has a simple design. Despite being basic and an easy to use car remote starter, when you incorporate it into your car system it boosts your security. Even though you can’t program it like other brands, it transmits strong signals that deliver reliable operation.

Good Communication Range

And talking of its reliability it features sufficient range. With a good battery, its operation can stretch up to 400 feet away. But this is not all. By extending the short antenna to a level of the windshield, you lengthen the communication range even more. Even concrete walls won’t be an obstacle to blocking the signals from reaching the vehicle.

Simple and Easy to Use

The simplicity of the remote starter makes it easy to use even by the novice driver. The two dedicated buttons are clearly labeled; start and stop. So you see you can’t really go wrong. The remote starter is relatively small, lightweight, and hence convenient.

Very Portable

Are you always forgetful and fear to lose the remote? Don’t worry because it has a provision for hooking it up to your key ring. Thanks to its insignificant weight, it won’t pull down your trouser.

Longer Battery Hours

Unlike other models that are rechargeable, the unit uses a non-rechargeable battery system. Besides, it features a good battery run time of 15 minutes. Considering that switching on or off the car only takes a few seconds, 15 minutes will last you a longer duration. And when the Led light beeps repeatedly, it means it’s time to replace the battery.

Keyless Entry

Does your vehicle have power door locks? Then you can match it with this Bulldog RS82-I Do It Yourself Remote Starter, through the auxiliary output of the main unit. Consequently, at the press of the start button, the engine ignites and the door unlocks. You then won’t have to search every pocket for the car key. Otherwise for a simple to install plug, and play remote car starter, check out the Start-X Remote Starter

Installing the unit is simple considering that the package provides you with color-coded installation wires.

In addition, it gives you the instructional DVD video to help you through the wiring. Furthermore, a visit to Bulldog’s website gives you a wide range of vehicles that are compatible with the Bulldog RS82-I unit.


Well, the truth is, this Bulldog RS82-I Do It Yourself Remote Starter presents admirable features. It serves its basic function correctly. However, it’s slightly short of being an excellent remote car starter system. The major complaint registered by most previous buyers is the weak initial battery that comes with the package. Partly that could be true for particular starters that have taken a long time in the store and hence battery suffer self-discharge problem.

With that said, it is always crucial to have a spare battery with you to avoid inconveniences. Few customers complain that a one-way transmitter is somehow inconveniencing. For example, you cannot tell your car’s status by a simple dial of a remote.

From the reviews left by previous buyers, most customers conclude that it sufficiently serves its purpose, considering its price too.

Verdict – Bulldog RS82-I Remote Starter Review

Despite a few disadvantages cited above, Bulldog RS82-I Do It Yourself Remote Starter is valuable. Seeing that it’s budget-friendly and offers a wide range of features, most buyers agreed they would buy it again.

For a basic remote car starting system, which is simple to operate, Bulldog RS82-I fits the bill. However, if you need more advanced features like lowering of windows, panic mode, and opening trunk then consider upgrading to Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System.

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