15 Best Batman Car Accessories for your Bat-Mobile [2020]

If you are a big Batman fan (and we know you are!) then you are going to love the following review of some amazing accessories for your car that are based on the Dark Knight. Pick the best Batman Car Accessories from the list below.

These accessories will not only make you look cool, but they will throw your geekiness to a whole new level.

15 Best Batman Car Accessories

  1. Elektroplate Batman 3D License Plate Frame

    Nothing screams Batman fan! Like these state of the art license frames, that will cause all your friends to be jealous. They are made of solid chrome and have gigantic edges to mimic the batman famed ride – the Batmobile. The graphics are exciting as well, with a sticking 3D design on the metal frame.
    It is made of a high-quality frame that can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and is likely to serve you for many years to come.
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  2. Funko Robin 1966 Wacky Wobbler

    Funko has gladly covered all of the bases when it comes to the best collectible and vinyl figurines. These are the perfect accessories to your dashboard. They stand 3 and ¾ inches tall, and they are sure going to make your car look dashing.
    This isn’t the only dashboard wobbler from Funko however, and you can get to choose from their wide selection that they have on offer.
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  3. BDK WBCH306 Black Batman Seat Cushion-Padded Comfort Support for Car

    Even with the current car seats that are usually designed for comfort, sometimes you need a little something extra, especially when traveling for long-distance. Your butt needs to be cushioned in such a way that it doesn’t ache.
    So, why not pimp your ride with these gorgeous Batman-themed cushioned seat covers that will surely make your car much more comfortable than ever before.
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  4. Batman Superhero Decal Sticker

    This will help scare anyone trying to stare at you menacingly, or if they are trying to get your license plate numbers. They come in real handy.
    You can also use it on your laptop, to give you that required edge, over your colleagues.
    It comes in different sizes and forms, plus you can have it in either black or white.
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  5. Elektroplate Batman Bat Black All Metal Hitch Cover

    If your hitch has been getting a little bit rusty, then what you need is a hitch cover. Try this Batman-themed cover that is made to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions, plus it looks really good on your car.
    Even if you started sprucing up your car with some Batman accessories from the dashboard, it doesn’t have to end there.
    This is the perfect accessory, and it even fits on trailers.
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  6. Licenses Products Batman Rubber Keychain

    So, if you feel that not everyone will get to see what you have done with your car, then, you can add a little bit of your love for Batman on your keys.
    Set them anywhere on the table to make everyone’s head spin. It is the perfect accessory for your car keys, and because you must use them all the time, they will keep reminding you of your love for the superhero you love.
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  7. Batman Logo Paper Air Freshener

    These come in 2 packs, and each pack contains 2 air fresheners, which means you are going to have a total of 4 completely awesome batman themed air fresheners to hang on your car.
    These are totally indispensable and they are going to make your Batmobile smell like you just came from the sewers searching for that killer Croc.
    They feature an elaborately printed image that is designed to provide you with lasting freshness and also includes black strings tied up at the top which hand around the car’s rearview mirror.
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  8. Batman Rubber Floor Mat

    This is it. We all know that fighting crime isn’t necessarily the cleanest of jobs, and the streets of Gotham can be firmly at best. So, you are going to need these floor mats, to ensure that you keep your car squeaky clean, even after a full day of crime-fighting.
    They come as a set of four, two in the front and two in the rear, plus their rubberized backing system will ensure they have maximum grip.
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  9. Elektroplate Batman Auto Emblems Parent

    You can put these anywhere in your car. They do not have a specific location, and this gives you the freedom to go crazy. There isn’t a symbol that is cooler than the bat signal, or even more recognizable. Everywhere you go, people will know you are a huge Batman fan.
    They are also designed to last for many years, and they attach to your car via the paint-adhesive foam tape which is attached to them.
    They are also unaffected by extreme weather conditions, and even when you wash your car, they will not come out.
    They can be a wonderful gift for a fellow Batman lover, or buy them to pimp up your ride.
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  10. Amooca Carbon Fiber Batman Belt Strap Cover

    These are certainly the most perfect accessories for your car because we must all use seatbelts, so why not Batman seatbelts?
    They are designed with your comfort in mind, and the package contains 2 seatbelts, which means that you can use them for the front seats, but if you want to include the back seats as well, go right ahead.
    They have excellent cushioning for excellent comfort and protection while you drive. The installation process is also quite easy, and they do not cut you across the neck, as most seatbelts do.
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  11. Autumi No Drill Type LED Laser Car Door Light

    These will certainly bring the joy of driving back. Imagine arriving at work and opening your car door and everything lights up in a Batman themed projector emblems! This is what they do, and everyone will be left speechless at how incredible your car is.
    The bat signal will appear on the floor, just beneath the doors and just like magic, you will have lighted up the world.
    These are wireless and very easy to control as they are motion sensor-controlled. They will light up when you open the door, and disappear when you close it.
    They can be installed on the right and left doors, and you do not need a drill for the job, you simply stick them where you want them.
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  12. Finex Silicone Batman Superhero Auto Car Steering Wheel

    This is a must-have for any Batman lover. It is a silicon batman steering wheel that speaks a lot about who you are and what you love.
    Not only is it designed ergonomically to make driving easier and more interesting, but it also fits perfectly on to your steering wheel, and ensures you get to enjoy your Batman fantasies while ensuring you do not get too sweaty and tired while spinning the wheel.
    They are very easy to install, and when dirty, you only need to wipe them clean.
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  13. Plasticolor Batman Accordion Sunshade

    When the heat gets too hot in Gotham, make use of this super convenient Batman-themed accordion Sunshade.
    Not only will it ensure that your steering wheel is cool enough for you to keep driving after parking for a while, but it will also keep your hands burn-free, and ensure they are not flaky.
    Your dashboard will also get the right protection for the scorching sun, and you will enjoy your car more than ever before.
    This comes highly recommended for any Batman lover.
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  14. BDK All Weather Batman Snug Custom Fit Spare Tire Cover for Jeep Wrangler

    If you own a Jeep, and you love Batman, then, this is the perfect spare tire for you. It is snug and fits your spare perfectly, and ensures to let everyone know who you are.
    It is designed for all types of weather and comes in a 100% waterproof material that will ensure that your tires do not get wet.
    The fresh graphics are excellently done, and it will style up your Jeep Wrangler the best way.
    The interior is soft and smooth and customer-made for your tire, to ensure that it doesn’t get any scratches on impact.
    It also has some elastic bands and easy hooks for when you need to remove and use it quickly.
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  15. TamPa Flying Bat Man Like Dustproof Caps for your Tire Wheel

    Your tires have not been left behind either. When you pimp up your ride, go all out, and include these excellent Batman-themed tire-wheel caps to keep you in the game.
    They are beautiful and made of high-quality material that is strong enough to withstand even the worst terrain. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, or how rocky the road gets, these wheel caps are not going anywhere.
    The installation process is quite simple and easy, and you can simply do it by yourself.
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So, there you have it! Our list of the best Batman-themed car accessories available for you to invest in and pimp up your ride.

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