Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security with Remote Start System-Review

The remote car starter system has been one of the most convenient things that has been developed for the benefit of most car owners. When you have one installed in your vehicle, it lets you warm up the interior of your car before you get in it during the cold winter season or cool it down during the summer. Aside from temperature control, a quality remote starter unit keeps your car safe and secure from burglary or carnapping. Some also let you access your car without the need for your car keys. With the simple push of a button from a distance, the doors of your vehicle easily open without you needing to scramble for the keys inside your pocket or bag.

For sure, automatic starter systems have dominated the market because they combine handiness for yourself and protection for your vehicle. Perhaps one of the superior units out there, the Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security with Remote Start System combines a robust car alarm system with a suitable remote start controller.

Features of the Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security with Remote Start System

  • Built with spread-spectrum technology
  • Equipped with a multitude of comprehensive security features
  • Remote rechargeable with any USB port
  • Compatible with most Viper SmartStart products
  • Range coverage can be as far as one mile
  • With one 2-way responder LC3 remote
  • With one 1-way 5-button transmitter
  • Built with a starter kill system


The Viper company is one of the most recognized brands in automatic remote car starter systems and car security. They offer the latest and most sophisticated remote start technology including smartphone compatibility.

The 5706V’s spread spectrum technology built in its two-way responder LC3 remote lets you transmit a signal from as far as one mile, excluding of course walls and any other obstructions along the way. In addition, the LCD screen on the remote allows you to check status and priority alerts from your vehicle. For example, if your vehicle’s trunk or door opens, a status alert that reads “Trunk Open” or “Door Open” appears on the LCD screen which is a cool feature that lets you check what is happening to your car.

Another bonus that comes with the Responder LC3 remote is that its battery life is tremendously extensive, lasting for months or a year, which saves you the hassle of acquiring new batteries. In addition, you can even charge the remote with any USB port. Not only that, the unit also comes with an additional spare remote in case you lose or break the main remote controller.

The security features of this remote start system include comprehensive door, window, engine and shock sensors. These sensors give you alerts on any circumstances that occur to your vehicle. Broken windows, open doors, or unnecessary movement of your car send signal alerts to your remote transmitter, allowing you to know if your vehicle has been tampered with.

One of the best features of this automatic remote start system is that it is highly compatible with any Viper SmartStart products. By just downloading the SmartStart app, you will be able to connect your smartphone to your vehicle. Connectivity is achieved by the module using the internet which lets you use your smartphone as an alternative remote. The SmartStart module also comes with a GPS tracking system which allows you to track your car if ever it is stolen.

The primary reason to purchase the Viper 5706V though is because of its remote-controlled internal temperature adjustment feature. This feature lets you regulate the temperature inside your car during extreme cold or hot days. With this, you no longer have to bear getting into a scorching and humid car interior in the summer or a chilling and freezing one during the winter.


As we mentioned earlier, the sensors, particularly the shock sensors, alert you in instances where your car unintentionally moves. This feature may send you false alarms and might be a burden, particularly if you are far from your car since you have to check if your car was really moved or not. In any case, the alarm can easily be disabled and reset from your remote as long as you are within range.

Although the SmartStart application provides convenience to Viper subscribers, the app comes with a monthly subscription fee which is needed for you to connect to the network of your phone and vehicle.

We also found that the Viper remote start systems are pretty unique. This means that unless you learned for yourself how to properly install it, we suggest that you find a specific shop that can install it for you. The problem with this though is that it is hard to find someone to install it because of its uniqueness.


The Viper 5706V boasts a lot of comprehensive security alerts that cannot be matched by any other automatic start system within its price range. With this, including its 1-mile range and highly convenient remote-start feature, it is definitely one of the best remote start systems you can find on the market.