How to Use Remote Car Starter

Vehicles, particularly the newer models, roll out of the showroom with factory remote car starter systems. On the other hand, aftermarket starter systems are also available for older vehicles or for those who want to install systems which are superior to the factory system installed in their cars. But what are they and how do you use a remote car starter?

Tips On How to Use Remote Car Starter

The benefits and the simple joys these car starter systems bring for car owners are definitely welcome nowadays. From simple efficiencies such as pre-starting the vehicle for warming the passenger compartment on cold mornings, to enjoying a burst of cold air before you slide in and drove off on a long summer venture, these starter systems have made our lives much easier. Using these also allows you to warm the engine to ensure that the sensors and emission controls are heated and worked up before you can even start your day.

After you have learned the benefits of remote starter systems, you should also learn how to manage or operate one. This short guide will show you to know how to properly use a remote starter system.

Heating up or cooling down your vehicle’s interior

First and foremost, make sure to prepare your vehicle. For both manual and automatic transmission vehicles, activate the heater controls in such a way that you turn them up, including both the fan speed and temperature settings. Arrange where you want the heat to blow and set the defrost setting in your preferred manner. These steps are recommended in case you want to defrost your windows and windshield during the winter.

During the summer, since it is too hot outside, make sure to turn your AC on high or max cold setting. With these preliminary steps you have performed, your remote starter will either warm up or cool down the vehicle for you and make you comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

Remote range, entry and driving off with your vehicle

Of course, only use your remote car starter within the approximate range provided by the manufacturer. Most producers provide a few thousand feet or half a mile as the standard range for transmission. In starting your vehicle, simply push the start button located on your remote control.

After you have started your vehicle, you can now enter it with just a click of a button to unlock the doors. If your starter system has a built-in passive keyless entry mode, with just your presence nearby, as long as you have your remote in your pockets, the doors of your car will unlock.

If your vehicle needs a key to start running, you still have to insert it in the ignition slot which will not trigger any of your security systems to shut it off. Most of the time, hitting the brake pedal or opening the trunk of the car shuts the car off if the key is not inserted in the ignition first. Once you have the key inserted, you can now simply drive away and keep it running even though your brake pedal more often than not disengages the remote starter.

Some do’s and don’ts in using your remote starter

Make sure not to use your remote starter on your vehicle if it is parked in an enclosed garage as this will build up carbon monoxide fumes inside the surroundings. Only use it if there is proper ventilation from where you have parked your vehicle or if you have your vehicle outside.

In times where you want your vehicle to be valet parked, make sure to know where the valet button is located. You can trigger this button if your car is being valet parked or in case you lose your remote. Most of the time, starter kill switches are turned off in valet mode while other features like door locks and remote start are still activated.

With your remote starter system, you can program for how long you want your vehicle to continue running. Based on this setting, your car will run idly for the length of time indicated by your preferred setting unless it is being driven by yourself. Most systems have 24 and 60 minutes of idle runtime and you can edit this depending on your preference.

Here’s hoping that you now know how to use remote car starter better after reading this article.