Avital 4103LX Remote Start System-Review

With newer technologies introduced to us on the market, many recently manufactured automobiles have been built with a remote start system. These small devices are a convenience to have since they allow the car owner to fortify the protection of their vehicle against theft, or regulate the temperature within the vehicle before he or she even slides into the driver’s seat.

As with older vehicles without built-in remote start systems, you can still install these full-of-perks devices by buying a separate remote start system in the aftermarket. These systems deliver convenience, security as well as comfort.

With that in mind, the Avital 4103LX Remote Start System is a great one to start off with. This lower-end model has all the basic features you might need in any remote start system with some addition of advanced functions usually found in higher tier models.

Features of the Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

  • Two keyless entry remote transmitters
  • Presence of a panic mode
  • Also with a silent mode and trunk release
  • Also includes valet mode
  • Presence of dedicated A-to-D converter
  • Rear window defogger feature
  • Installed with a superheterodyne receiver


Avital is one of the best known names dealing with remote start systems and car protection. For over 20 years, people have relied on Avital’s equipment against vehicle theft and extreme temperature ranges. The company delivers quality standard and technologically sophisticated systems which most Americans rely on.

The Avital 4103LX system comes with two keyless entry remote transmitters which may come handy in case you lose one. Each of the two remotes has four buttons with icon displays to easily know which button is used to do a certain function. The buttons include lock and unlock icons, a remote start feature, and a button for trunk release.

Opening the trunk using the remote will require you to hold the trunk release button for approximately two seconds. In addition, you can also put the remote starter in silent mode if you press the same button for one second. The remote also has a rear-window defogger which you may opt to use on cold winter days.

The panic mode is activated when you hold and release the locking button, causing your parking lights to flash and the horn to honk. This is a welcome feature particularly in cases where you parked your vehicle in an unsecured neighborhood or you see a shady individual looming near your car.

The addition of the valet mode gives more convenience as it allows you to let a valet attendant park your car without handing over your keys since the vehicle can continue running even if you removed the keys from the vehicle.

As an additional safety feature, this remote system has a built-in starter kill feature. Pressing the lock button will prevent the starter from turning over, and thus the car engine will not start. This increases the likelihood that your vehicle will not be stolen. particularly in cases where you lost your keys and a thief found them.

The remote transmitters are built with a superheterodyne receiver, or superhet for short, which surpasses previously used receiver designs. Superhet receivers offer more reliability, sensitivity and frequency stability. With this, the 4103LX remote can have as much as a 1,500 ft. extended range.


Since the remote transmitter has only four buttons, you have no choice but to press and hold the same buttons to activate multiple features. As we have previously mentioned, the trunk release button also lets you put the car starter into silent mode while the locking button allows you to put your car in panic mode. This might be an awkward feature to some since you may accidentally pop open your trunk or sound the horn of the car when in fact you only want to lock your car.

In addition, the remotes do not have an LCD panel to let you know the status of your car when you pressed and held a button. Unless you are directly looking at your car, you will not know if you have opened the trunk or accidentally flashed the parking lights with the remote.

This remote starter system can be somehow difficult to install even with advanced electrical know-how. The installation instructions are vague and installing them yourselves may cause you to miss a step in the installation process.

This may not be very problematic since Avital instructed potential clients to have this remote start system professionally fixed. Avital offers technical support to authorized dealers of this remote system; hence, you can opt to have it installed hassle free.


The Avital 4103LX Remote Start System provides basic start system features with some additions like the panic and valet mode and a rear window defogger function. This remote start system may not be as sophisticated as some, but for its low price point, it is definitely a great value for starters.